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Our Approach

To put things simply, our approach will be flexible and adaptable to your needs and desires as a business. Our template below outlines some key elements which help us gain the information we need, but we understand that every business is entirely unique.

Executive summary.PNG

Executive summary

Firstly, we need to learn about your business - what you do and how you operate.

What are your values, mission and long term goals.

Being accountants, the most useful tool here is a look at your latest set of accounts, prompting insightful discussion and aiding understanding of where we can add value to your business.


Organisation & management

Who are the key people in your organisation and who would you like us to meet?

Cross departmental collaboration allows us to quickly familiarise ourselves with your team and business structure. It can also prevent us taking up too much of one person's time if any we have any questions which facilitate our work.

Data collection.PNG

Data collection

This is where we can really get to work, building models as complex or simple as required. Your input here can be minimal or heavily involved, or a happy medium - we will let you decide.


financial projections.PNG

Financial projections

There may not be one simple scenario. We are accountants that like realism, sensitivity and aspirations, and you are a business operating in an ever evolving economy.

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