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Sometimes you need us, sometimes you don't

What we have come to realise is that our field of work has peaks and troughs of demand. We have worked long, hard hours in the initiation, planning and execution stages of projects and then taken a (bit of a) breather in the monitoring and control.

We are like minded people who see that sometimes, not everybody's most efficient and effective use of time fits nicely into a 9-5 timescale, 5 days a week. 

Our business model allows us to work flexibly around our clients' demands whilst operating on relatively little overheads, allowing for competitive prices.

We offer a combined 25 years working as CIMA professionals, working across a range of differing industries. So putting the two of us together provides you with twice the knowledge and experience.

Professionalism is key to us, we have secure controls in place to ensure your data is well protected and all of our work is entirely confidential.

We pride ourselves on efficiency and quality so we will always manage our time effectively to make sure our work adds value to your business.

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